About Hamico Group

Hamico Group commenced operations in 2014, with the primary aim of providing expert consultations to individuals who sought to immigrate to Canada. Thereafter, they broadened their scope of services to encompass other countries. By 2018, Hamico Group had established a branch in Istanbul, Turkey. As of today, they take pride in offering immigration services in 8 countries, namely, Turkey, Argentina, England, and Canada. Their operational offices are manned by certified immigration lawyers from each of these countries.

Currently, Hamico Group provides all immigration services to the destinations of Canada, Turkey, Argentina, England, Italy, Germany, Norway, and Sweden for applicants and is willing to provide honest services to applicants from all over the world.

Here at Hamico Group, our top priority is ensuring the success of those who wish to immigrate. We take great pride in providing our esteemed applicants with specialized and honest guidance throughout our entire operation, completely free of charge. Our team of experienced managers and experts work tirelessly to ensure that each applicant has a clear purpose and plan for their migration. We firmly believe that the opportunity to immigrate to a new country is just the beginning of a brighter future for our valued applicants. That’s why the Hamico family is fully committed to working hard to help you and your loved ones build a prosperous life, and we will spare no effort in accomplishing this objective.

Moreover, Hamico Group provides free consultations to all applicants who want to find out about their immigration choices. For this purpose, it is enough to provide the possibility to communicate with our consultants by completing the Free Consultation Form, so that you can get answers to all your questions in the shortest possible time.

Deciding to immigrate is a huge decision, and there are many unknowns along the way. Hamico Group is by your side to make the immigration process easier for you and provides you with the possibility of success. The success of all of you dear ones is our heart’s desire.


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I had a great experience with a reliable team who promptly addressed any immigration concerns during the contract period.

From the outset, their expert support was readily available and I am fully content with the level of service provided.

I really appreciate how responsive they are whenever I contact them. They always manage to offer me the most affordable options possible, which is amazing!

I always receive compassionate assistance from them no matter the situation. As a result, I have no concerns regarding my immigration matters.

Despite having numerous issues with a previous team, the Hamiko team was able to resolve all of my problems and assist my child in Turkey. Their honest and helpful approach enabled us to achieve the desired outcome.

The team put in great effort to resolve my child’s degree equivalency issue. They gave professional and accessible advice.